Given all the new requirements for driver’s license renewal in the Philippines, it’s important to do your research before heading to the LTO (Land Transportation Office). When you’re equipped with everything you need, the renewal process can actually turn out very smoothly. The key? Preparing your requirements ahead of time.

New policies and requirements for Philippine driver’s license renewal
In case you haven’t heard, passing the CDE (Comprehensive Driver’s Education) Validation Exam is now mandatory for driver’s license renewal. This requires all applicants to sign up for an account with the LTMS (Land Transport Management System) Online Portal.

Moreover, those with zero traffic violations are also eligible for licenses with 10-year validity. Those with at least one violation will only be given five years’ validity. Regardless, all Philippine driver’s license holders will be subject to mandatory PME (Periodic Medical Examinations) while their licenses are valid. 카지노사이트

Note: Those with 10-year validity will have to undergo the PME within 60 days before their fourth and seventh birthdates from issuance of their licenses; meanwhile, those with five-year validity will have to undergo the PME within 60 days before their third birthdate.

Requirements for driver’s license renewal in the Philippines

Driver’s license (to expire in 60 days or less, or expired up to nine years only)
Medical examination certificate (can get this at the renewal centre, or from an LTO-accredited clinic or physician within two months before renewal)
LTMS Online Portal account
CDE Validation Exam certificate
Driver’s license renewal fee (₱589)
Computer fee (₱68)
Medical examination fee, if you’ll be getting examined at the LTO renewal centre (₱400-₱600, depending on your chosen renewal venue)
Steps for driver’s license renewal

Based on my personal experience, here are the steps for driver’s license renewal in the Philippines in 2022:

Head to your chosen LTO driver’s license renewal office. Present your CDE Validation Exam certificate. You will then be given a number and a form for your medical examination, if you have not yet secured a medical certificate.
Wait for your number to be called, then proceed to pay for your medical examination.
Wait for your number to be called again, then proceed to your medical examination. Afterwards, you will be given a printed medical certificate.
Proceed to the cashier and present your old driver’s license and medical certificate. Pay the necessary driver’s license renewal fees.
Head to the next window, where you will double-check your information on the screen. You have the option to take a new license photo and capture a new signature, or keep the old ones if the LTO already has them in their system.
Your new card will be printed, and your old one will be returned to you with a hole. Along with your card, you’ll also be given a receipt with the dates for your Periodic Medical Examinations. 안전한카지노사이트
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Driver’s license renewal tips
Here are a few things that will make your driver’s license renewal experience a lot smoother:

  1. Register for an account with the LTMS Online Portal

Sign up for an account here. If you don’t have an account when you show up for your renewal, they will ask you to create one on the spot.

Note: If you still have the old license card (due to the time that the LTO didn’t issue new cards and just gave receipts), click “No” when asked if you have a Philippine Driver’s License. If you choose “Yes,” LTMS will not recognise your old card’s serial number, and you won’t be able to complete your registration.

  1. Take the CDE Online Validation Exam
    You can do so via the LTMS Online Portal here. Take note that the test is free, and you must score at least 50% to pass. Once you’ve passed the exam, print out your certificate. If you’re unable to take this test before your license renewal, you will have to take it on the spot.
  2. If possible, get your medical examination certificate before your renewal
    Here’s one thing to know about driver’s license renewal in the Philippines: What will really take up your time is lining up for the medical examination. They can also cost a bit more due to the added convenience.

So, if you can, it’s highly recommended that you secure your medical examination certificate ahead of time. By doing so, you’ll be able to upload your certificate to your LTMS account and schedule an appointment, which will save you a lot of time during the renewal process.

Note: Only certificates issued by LTO-accredited clinics or physicians are accepted, and these are valid for only two months. You can view a list of accredited clinics here.

  1. Prepare enough cash
    Most, if not all, LTO driver’s license renewal offices require you to pay in cash. If you’ll be getting your medical examination there as well, be reminded that payment for this and for your renewal fees will be in two separate transactions. Medical examination costs vary depending on where you get them, but they can cost anywhere from about ₱400 to ₱600.

For your driver’s license, fees include the driver’s license renewal fee (₱589) and the computer fee (₱68). Additional fees apply for licenses that have already expired.

  1. Choose a dedicated driver’s license renewal office

Image credit: LTO Robinsons Galleria Drivers License Renewal Office Official Facebook Page
Instead of heading to one of the LTO’s main branches, it’s advisable to visit an LTO driver’s license renewal office if there is one located close to you. Most of these satellite offices are located in malls around the country, so you may want to check out those in your vicinity.

  1. To avoid penalty fees, renew your license ahead of time 카지노사이트 추천
    You don’t need — rather, you shouldn’t — wait for your driver’s license to expire before renewing it. Know that you can already do so 60 days before your license is set to expire.

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