SSS Death Benefit

SSS Death Benefit: Procedure for Claiming

The death benefit is a cash benefit paid as a monthly annuity or lump sum to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member. Primary beneficiaries may include dependent spouses, legally adopted and illegitimate children of an SSS member under the age of 21.

The main recipients are not entitled to the benefit, the dependents act as secondary recipients. In the absence of secondary beneficiaries, the beneficiaries and other individuals listed in the participant file. The insure who paid 36 months before his death receives a monthly pension. 카지노사이트

The primary beneficiaries are entitle to a monthly annuity in the event of the death of the insure. However, the beneficiaries can also receive capital for a shareholder who paid less than 36 monthly contributions before his death. Secondary recipients are also entitle to a lump sum.

How is the pension calculated?

In the Philippines, the calculation of pension benefits under the “SSS” Social Security Scheme base on Average Monthly Salary (AMSC), Recognize Years of Service (CYS) and then Number of Dependent Children.

To calculate your pension: State CSIA. AMSC is the member’s average salary over the last 60 months of contributions. It serves as the basis for calculating the old-age pension CYS specification. CYS the total number of years a member has contribute to the SSS. The maximum CYS is 40 years. Calculate your monthly pension. The monthly pension is calculate as follows:

If the member has less than 10 CYS, the monthly pension is 40% of the CSIA. If the member has 10-20 CYS, the monthly pension will be the sum of 40% AMSC plus 2% AMSC for each CYS over 10.

While member has more than 20 CYS, the monthly pension will be the sum of 40% AMSC plus 2% AMSC for the first 10 CYS plus 2.5% AMSC for every more than 20 CYS. Add collected check. If the insure has dependent children, the monthly pension increases by 10% for each dependent child, up to a maximum of five.

Apply the minimum and maximum pension. The monthly pension cannot be less than Php 1,200 for members with a minimum of 10 CYS and Php 2,000 for members with a minimum of 20 CYS. The maximum monthly pension is Php 33,000 regardless of the number of CYS and dependent children. Please note that the pension calculation depends on SSS#039; updated policies and regulations.

SSS Contribution Calculation Guide

The Social Security System “SSS” is a program administer by the Government of the Philippines that provides social security benefits to eligible employees. As an employer, it is important to have the right payroll system, payroll services and payroll outsourcing in place to ensure your employees’ SSS fees are calculated and then paid correctly on time.

With the entry into force of the new contribution rate January 2023 or SSS Circular No. 2022-033, here is an overview of the calculation of monthly contributions to the SSS using a payroll system or payroll service.

Determination of employee compensation:

The SSS is based on the employee’s monthly salary. You can easily calculate an employee’s salary via the personnel and then wage system or the personnel wage services. Check Monthly Payroll Credit Coverage (MSC). The new premium rate of 14% with a minimum MSC of P4,000 and then a maximum MSC of P30,000 can be easily determine through the payroll system. 온라인카지노사이트

Calculate employee contribution:

To calculate the employee contribution, multiply the employee’s monthly salary balance by 4.5%. For example, if an employee’s MSC is P20,000, the employee’s monthly contribution is P900 (P20,000 x 4.5%). P900 is the maximum employee contribution amount. A payroll system or payroll service can automate these calculations.

Calculate the Employer’s Contribution:

Calculate the Employer’s Contribution, multiply the monthly salary credit by 9.5%. For example, if an employee’s MSC is P20,000, the employer’s monthly contribution is P1,900 (P20,000 x 9.5%). P1900 is the maximum employer contribution amount. A payroll system or payroll service can automate these calculations.

Calculate Employer’s Compensation (EC):

MSC 4000P to 14500P, your EC is 10P and then more than 30P. Your payroll system or services can automate this calculation. Calculate SSS pension fund call WISP (Employee Investment Savings Scheme). MSC, more than P20,000 goes to WISP.

Example: If an employee’s MSC is P30,000, the deductible is P10,000 (P30,000 – P20,000) and the employee’s pension fund is P450 (10,000 x 4.5%) and P950 (10,000 x 9, 5%). 5 )%) for the employer. A payroll system or payroll service can automate these calculations.

Payment of SSS contributions:

Employers are obliged to transfer their employees’ SSS contributions monthly. With the help of a human resources and payroll system or human resources and then payroll services. The contribution payment process can be done easily and then accurately.

Contributions can be made online through the SSS website or at any SSS branch. A payroll outsourcing service can also simplify the referral process and ensure compliance. Make sure you keep records of contributions and then associated SSS accounts as proof of the transfer. 바카라사이트

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